Raphael’s Story

I was always the kind of guy who thought they could do things on their own. I was praised from a young age, being told that I was a man of great strength and courage and that I had a great personality. When you hear those kinds of things, it’s not long before they get into your head.

I built my life on good deeds – I went to church, I claimed to know the Bible and I said the right things – but in reality, they were a poor foundation: I could not do things on my own.  In June 2015 I met with Jesus in a totally new way; a way that left me floored and humbled. I realised that without Him all my qualities, the ones I’d been praised for, were worthless. I realised I needed a saviour and that I could not save myself. 

Since then, my faith has grown. 

Ballers In God has been a big part of that, helping me to be part of a community of other Christians, where we support one another through prayer and get to grips with the Bible together. 

Life isn’t always easy but Jesus is always faithful. I’ve learned that nothing I do in football compares with the joy of knowing Him.

I now count my life not to be valuable or important at all without Jesus Christ

Raphael Dwamena