Paul’s Story

When my cousin died, a guy who had been as close as a brother, I started asking questions about life and death. I was torn-up by the trauma of it all and my faith, up to that point, had not had to stand such a test. 

I had been raised Catholic, although I also had an auntie who would take me to evangelical church, so I had an understanding of God but I never really had to apply it. However, I truly believed God was planting something in me even at that early age. 

Like many young men, football became my life and at the age of 15 I moved from Belgium to Tottenham, in England. And then, when my career was taking off, was when my cousin died. My world turned upside down. 

My closest friend at the time, John Bostock, a founder of BIG, invited me to church and I met with God and I discovered that Jesus is the rock on which I can build my life. I found meaning in what had felt like chaos and whilst my cousin’s death still hurt, I found comfort.

I have been in BIG since the beginning and BIG has helped me to grow as a Christian – it has helped me develop my prayer life and my bible reading. I have come along way with the support of my BIG brothers and I am so thankful that He found me.