Jeffrey’s Story

I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour when I was 15 years old. Ever since, my life has been changed and I wouldn’t trade my relationship with God for anything in the world. I have been privileged to travel the world over with football and my desire has always been to make Him known to others. Ballers In God makes this possible! 

What a blessing it is in my life. Out of my own experience I can say that Ballers In God is more than just a place where we meet once a week for prayer and Bible study. It is a FAMILY! It is a beautiful fellowship of brotherhood. 

I have always wanted to be part of a brotherhood who wants to serve Jesus in the world of football. This is a dream come true.

In this game of football which comes with all kinds of challenges, temptations, trials and tests, setbacks, highs and lows. We need a place where we can be grounded, refocus and be ourselves in the midst of a world that is trying to be like everyone else.

I found this place in Ballers In God.

Jeffrey Sarpong