Gods Plan

I remember the first time I prayed. As a 10-year-old boy living in a suburb of Amsterdam, I asked the Lord to make it possible for me to play football in England and as an international for Holland. Now I look back and laugh. Almost impossible right? Not with my Lord Jesus Christ.

I lost touch with the Lord, and although both things did manifest in my life a few years later (I signed for Tottenham Hotspur and represented Holland at U19 level) this was only the beginning, God had a lot more in store.

Fast forward fourteen years, and here I am realising God’s plan was far greater than I could imagine. I have now represented & captained Nigeria, won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, had the honour of playing at The 2018 World Cup in Russia and currently I’m playing in one of Europe’s top leagues.

After being told that I would never make it and that I should think of taking another career path the Lord has worked powerfully in my life, I’ve worked hard but He alone truly deserves the glory.

2 years ago I came into contact with Ballers In God. I had a vision in a dream and woke up with a strong desire to rekindle my relationship with Jesus Christ. Something was missing in my life.

My eyes where opened and I realised there is a far bigger purpose in my life than just being a Footballer. I know I have been blessed with a talent but learning how I can use it and all that comes with it to serve God has given me a fulfilling purpose.

– William Ekong